The Executive Board of Ninth Church seeks to hire a Librarian for our active Reading Room in the West Portal Business District. The ideal candidate shall have a love for and knowledge of our Leader’s writings, and be committed to sharing his/her knowledge of Christian Science with new-comers and visitors. The Librarian shall have charge of the Reading Room, which includes overseeing the work of the Assistant Librarian, attendants and volunteer church members who serve in the Reading Room. The first order of business for the Librarian is daily prayerful work to ensure that a welcoming and healing atmosphere is present. A Metaphysical Committee regularly contributes to and supports this activity. The Librarian also oversees an orderly atmosphere of the sales window displays and study area that respond to the needs of our diverse business and residential community.  Such duties may include, selecting the daily quotes from our dual Pastor, the Bible and Science and Health that are displayed, suggesting literature from the sales stock for a visitor, and responding to questions from the public. The Librarian will work with the Church Treasurer to complete reports, such as, the monthly sales and purchasing activities report. A complete list of duties is detailed in the Standing Rules for the Reading Room, and is available upon request. The Board will consider candidates that may be interested in a full or part-time position.

We hope you will prayerfully consider this exciting and unique opportunity. If you know of a non-Ninth Church individual who is an active Christian Scientist, please encourage him or her to apply. The Board is willing to consider candidates that are a member of The Mother Church and that have had Class Instruction. Please feel free to talk with a Ninth Church Board member or with the Church Secretary about the position, or make an inquiry to the Church Office by email.